Sound Effect Transformation Techniques

To be of value to the creative team on the spot/promo/movie or whatever you are working on, you need to make a singular and valuable contribution. Selecting and syncing the first sound effect you find won’t do it. You do want to be fast, but you also want to contribute something unique. This is where sound effect transformation techniques come in to play. Non-real-time DSP, like AudioSuite in Pro Tools, is a great tool for this. Some techniques you might consider:

Time Expansion
Time Compression
Pitch Change Up
Pitch Change Down
Speed Up or Slow down

V FiAny of these (and other) transformations can be added to the file “destructively”, to create a new sound. But then the real fun begins. Layer the original over a pitch-shifted version of itself. Higher, lower, or both. Or More. The same can be done with time expansion or compression, etc. But you also can layer completely different sounds to create new sounds. Rather than think about EQ for a sound, think about what kind of a sound you could layer that would add what you need. A fifty gallon drum being dropped in a warehouse? An alligator roar? A stamping machine? Then when you get something you like, mute the other tracks and bounce it so that you have a copy for your library. The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes more is better.

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