Sound Effects Recording

If you record sound effects yourself, you will not only have a recording of the sound that you want, but you will also create a unique sound effect that no one else has. This is good, and adds value to the production.

If you can, use a prop table. It is tiring bending over to reach and manipulate props on the floor. To record the sounds, a shotgun mic is a good choice. Why? Because the shotgun will pickup more of the direct signal, and less of the reflected sound. This will result in a crisp, clear recording. You can add the ambiance that is appropriate, with DSP. Use your imagination to get ideas for what to record.

Think about the quality of the sound that you need. There are many possibilities for sound generating items in the kitchen, basement and garage. Listen without judgement. Listen for the sound you need. You will be surprised how many household items can make convincing, usable sound effects. Especially if you use the Sound Effect Transformation Techniques I discussed in an earlier post. If you want ideas for what to record, the Ric Viers Sound Effects Bible is a good resource. Don’t forget to save a copy of what you record into your personal sound effects library!

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